Creativity, Inc.

Creative-INC-Ed-Catmull-150 I’m a big fan of animation in general and after watching The Pixar Story documentary and an interview with Tony DeRose of Pixar I was keen to read this book.Creativity, Inc is pitched for “managers who want to lead their employees to new heights…” by sharing Pixar’s methodologies on how to sustain a creative culture. I’ve read a few business books but Ed Catmull presents each chapter with such positivity and enthusiasm it didn’t’ feel like I was reading a “manager-how-to” book. Creativity, Inc explains how Pixar was founded, how the culture was developed and the challenges Pixar faced when Disney acquired them which was very interesting. The core of the book focuses on how to get an organisation to be honest and candid by using “Braintrust” sessions, postmortems and story meetings.