Marketing Partners

A good marketing plan is one thing but executing it is another. To achieve results I believe you need a creative, open and technically capable team so I’m pleased to list on this page the marketing partners that I work with. After working for many years with each of the teams I’m extremely confident in their skills, knowledge and advice which ultimately allows me to focus on delivering engaging and exciting marketing campaigns on time and on budget.

Website Consulting, Design and Development: Paul Spearmen and Bryan Archer, founders of 3Chillies, know their code! Their objective is simple: deliver cutting edge solutions using the latest technology. With Paul and Bryan being involved at every stage of a project you can’t help but feel you are in safe hands. I’ve worked on numerous projects with 3Chillies including website design, content management system development (Sitecore) and data visualisation (Sharepoint).
Big Orange Software by Millsey Studios Mobile Applications Development: I’ve known Paul Jarrett for many years and seen him build out his technical agency Big Orange Software. Paul’s team is great to work with as they are open, honest and deliver! I’ve had the pleasure of working with them on a range of projects from design work to bespoke application development but where they really shine is in their understanding about all things mobile. Their knowledge in mobile design, development and roll-out is fantastic and I always learn about new trends or techniques after speaking with them.
Web Marketing: After working with Tim Watney in early 2000 I knew his tenacious nature would lead him to new projects! Indeed I was right as Tim and Sam Trousdale founded Chillibyte, a web marketing agency, based in Horsham. Their understanding of S.E.O, P.P.C, remarketing, and all things digital means they can take a complex subject and apply what works to your campaigns. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chillibyte on S.E.O, paid advertising and contextual marketing projects.
Millsey Studios Design: Millsey Studios oozes creativity! Okay, the name gives it away but I still design. I keep my skills up-to-date by doing all my own graphics, animation, editing and at times coding, but I will bring in a talented team when a project requires. I use a range of software packages including Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Premiere and Toon Boom Studios.
Proof Reading and Copy Editing: Annabelle Manus is very unique in that she is a natural when it comes to language and proof reading! Not only can Annabelle speak five languages, including Mandarin, but she has the eyes of a hawk, spotting typos or inconsistent messaging even after the most senior person in an organisation has reviewed. This skill has saved expensive and time consuming pitches from falling at the last hurdle due to a missing letter or full stop! Annabelle founded octobers in 2013, a dedicated proof reading and copy editing agency, and we’ve worked on print, design and content generation projects together.