My Thoughts about Marketing

During the last ten years I have worked as a marketer in both B2B and B2C industries and witnessed a change in how technology is used when communicating to an audience. As mobile devices and the internet have matured, platforms have been put in place that allow us to communicate with each other and share our experiences, both good and bad. The old paradigm of “push” marketing has been replaced with a new “pull” approach where end users are now encouraged to engage, collaborate and share campaigns. This transparency has benefited companies by giving them insight into their audience, allowing them to build a more personalised and relevant engagement model, which ultimately can build confidence in a brand and hopefully lead to an increase in sales/conversions.

Yet, even with this technology that allows us to do incredible things, such as create content and publish to the world at the push of a button, I still witness organisations running their marketing strategies as if they were stuck back in the 1990s. Emails, newsletters and press releases certainly have a place but with today’s technology marketing can be so much more engaging and relevant to the end user. With good market research, an understanding of technology and cutting edge design it’s possible for marketing to be transformed into an extraordinary, engaging and exciting activity that offers value to an organisation.

In the marketing case studies section you will see how I apply what I have described above and the processes I use. If you’re interested to find out more or would like to discuss projects then please feel free to contact me.